RECO Productions International

Van der Oudermeulenlaan 1
2243 CR Wassenaar
The Netherlands
31 (0)70 517 78 78




'Scratch on development' and 'Turn key delivery'. RECO visualizes, develops and produces creative concepts and projects.

Refressing view on communication. RECO is an expert in the developing of creative concepts that are a head of time. These are concepts that amaze and suprise people. Reco likes to know what people like to see, hear, feel and experience. The result is that the projects of Reco are innovative, creative and controversial.

A solid partner. RECO has proven to be a solid and reliable partner for (international) investers, goverments and banks.

Cross your t's and dot your I's. RECO makes sure that the succes of a project makes goverments proud, investers satisfied and visiotors come back to see more.

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