journey through the human body

CORPUS opened its doors to the public on March 14th 2008.

CORPUS Congress Centre, a multi-functional congress space up to 550 persons.

CORPUS Congress Centre can be divided into 5 rooms.

CORPUS has his own parking space

A CORPUS visit takes approximately 2,5 hours

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CORPUS your life! Exercise and eat and live healthily..

The body forms the basis of everything, but just how does this ingenious CORPUS work? Take a thrilling journey in the 5D heart theatre as a red blood cell, and discover the spectacular workings of the human brain in the ‘brain show’. This journey is offered in 8 languages. CORPUS is the world’s first journey through the human body.

From the outset of the CORPUS project, Reco received advice from a team of medical specialists, to ensure that the medical facts and figures of the attraction were all scientifically correct. In CORPUS, you will also find the multi-functional CORPUS Congress Centre, which seats up to 540 guests. The congress centre is situated in the centre of the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam, The Hague and the coast. Since this spring, the miniature version of CORPUS has been open to visitors in Madurodam, The Hague. On August 8th 2012 the Hilton Garden Inn hotel next to CORPUS opened its doors.

Corpus grote afbeelding