Reco Productions International bv

Reco Productions International bv

Experience and versatility are important features of RECO Productions International B.V. In recent years RECO Productions has witnessed extensive growth. This growth is due mainly to ‘new thinking’ in communications.

RECO Productions International has more than 30 years of experience in developing successful and distinctive projects, both nationally and internationally. Thanks to the company’s open mindset and nonconformist approach, RECO Productions can now boast a unique project portfolio. This website will give you a taste of some of our past projects including projects that were recently completed, such as CORPUS and the Hilton Garden Inn Leiden.

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RECO Productions International bv
Van der Oudermeulenlaan 1
2243 CR Wassenaar

31 (0)70 517 78 78
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Hilton Garden Inn Leiden nominated for “Best Hotel Chain Design 2012”